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For just over 20 years, our quiet little Southern Ontario city, situated along the Quebec City–Windsor Corridor, has made its very own dent on the world stage of death metal. From those early days, which produced home-grown, first-generation talent such as Flesh Feast, Porno, Summertime Daisies, and Blood Of Christ, London has refused to let the spirit of brutality die... death metal is stronger than ever in the Forest City!

With hellfire in hand - proudly brandishing the inhuman torch of second-generation, London, Ontario death metal - we are proud to welcome back the guttural two-some that is FETUS FEAST!!!! For those who don't know, the band features members from both Ataxia and Trilateral.

Joining us in welcoming back our friends in Fetus are two of Toronto's heaviest, old-school-sounding death metal acts. Let us introduce...

IRIHIS: Don't let their lack of years on this planet fool you, as they more than make up for it in sheer ferociousness of death metal craftsmanship. With a sound not unlike early Deicide, Suffocation, and Dying Fetus, prepare to be time-warped back to the early 90s.

CUFF: Smack dab in the middle of this tasty death metal sam'ich, this brutal two-some are self-professed practitioners of 'Sci-fi Slam Grind'. Not easy to describe with mere words, we encourage you to visit their page and listen to their latest slab of death metal insanity, entitled Transient Suffering Through the Ergosphere.

FETUS FEAST (Southern Ontario Slammin' Brutality)

CUFF (Gore House Productions)

IRIHIS (Toronto Death Metal)

LISTEN - Pure Concrete - 94.9 FM CHRW - London



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