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Summering + Fighter / Lover

Summering (Vancouver)
post-rock / psyche / ambient

Fighter/Lover (Toronto) 
synth / pop / experimental / rock

Summering is an amalgam of psychedelic and post-rock influences, whose unusual combination of poetic folk-inspired vocals, and tightly-wound yet gradually unravelling heavy rock instrumentals, have quickly won them a place in their local musical community of Vancouver, British Columbia.
Fronted by singer-songwriter Paul Stewart and his wholly unique crystalline vocal delivery, their complicated and mesmerizing instrumental combinations afford a wealth of possibilities, and each track unwinds slowly behind Stewart's haunting voice like a menacing weight. 
Summering fill their songs not with shoegaze-inspired effects processes but rather with alternating soft-spoken poetry and utterly heavy rock riffs. With the collected experience of the entire west face of Canada, Summering come on like art-rock for prairie folk or a heavier instrumental collective for the Pacific Northwest.

$8 / 19+ / 9pm

#post-rock #psyche #ambient #synth #pop #experimental #rock