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GASH / Fast n' Shitty / Ugly T + more

GASH - On tour in Canada for the first time the S&M Punk from Philly. Cum get Liberated with us!

GASH combines on-stage S&M with punk riffs, backed by blues-inspired melodic rock guitars. Singer Tibbie X's raspy vocals lead the band and often gets audience members to handcuff her to the microphone, or is tied by band Dominatrix Stephxecutioner. Tibbie X also plays bass in the reformed 80's punk band Reagan Youth and has toured internationally, and Stephxecutioner has worked with GWAR.

“At this point GASH is now central to my Sexual Identity.”– Tibbie X, Vocals

“If GASH were its own Religion we would just worship and focus on ourselves.”– Hit Cunningham, Lead Guitar

“Sex lets me escape Life for a few moments, GASH is forever.”– A.J. Delinquent, Lead Guitar

“I’m in the Furry community, the Brony scene and a Barbershop quartet, butGASH is my family.”– Travis Travesty, Bass

“Nobody fucks with myGASH. Period.”– Domme Stephxecutioner, Dominatrix

Fast N' Shitty - Dirty ass Punk Rock with a dash of hardcore

UGLY T- (dirtbag folk punk)


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