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The "Beginning" tour Oz Goode w/The Mongrels / Joani Paige

The roots of OzGoode lie in the creative partnership of co-founders Phillips and Joseph Pittari. They first met in film school in 1998 and have since worked closely together for the past fifteen years, in both Los Angeles and Toronto. While collaborating on making the film Breathe, they pooled their musical talents to create its soundtrack. Joseph recalls that, upon discovering that its songs were finding a welcoming audience in Europe and the U.S., “we quickly moved from writing to actually performing. Once that took root, there was no stopping us, and we wanted to record and play our music full time.”

The dynamic duo's music has earned international exposure in a wide range of settings. Phillips wrote the soundtrack for the acclaimed feature film Good People Bad Things, a movie he also wrote, directed and produced and that sold to over 20 countries. One of its songs, "Missing You," was recorded by Canadian songstress Ambre McLean, becoming an AC Top 40 chart hit.

The band was then fully rounded out in early 2015 with the addition of Vanessa Huneault.

The Mongrels
A kicking Rock band with loads of talent who bring huge amounts of fun to any stage they grace.

Joani Paige

Tickets $7 adv - $10 Door (available at Groove Records - 353 Clarence St.)

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