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Strangelove for the Masses!

You have been "waiting for the night to come"
Well! It is here!

Future Shock presents to you... "Strangelove for the Masses " valentines night! 

"I give in.. to sin...because I like to practice what I preach"

Cause I'm sure that we have all had sex to a playlist of Depeche Mode one time or another.. (teehee)

Not only are we showcasing Depeche Mode's finest dance songs but also an array of industrial, electronica and gothic music for you to dance your asses off to!

We will have Dj Fractal along with a special Dj guest..who I am tres excited to announce in a couple of days.

As for a cover fee, we are accepting any donation with a minimum of $2.00 please.
(this will be put in an event fund, and used for decorations, advertising, etc)
Now if you dont have $2.00... don't worry..cause you are still more than welcome to come in. :)

We will have prizes,games, special drinks and More!
(prizes will be announced later next week)

The attire is: DRESS TO IMPRESS!
Come in your "clean, blue dress" or whatever tickles your fancy.
And Dance, have fun and enjoy our first of many events!