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Baytown, Bodean, and Spencer Frost Band @ APK

We simply couldn't resist throwing another Good Vibes Only party before the one year anniversary so we're back with some chillin' island and reggae vibes! For this one it's Baytown, Spencer Frost Band, and Bodean! 

$7 / 19+ / Licensed
Music starts at 10pm

Baytown (St. John's)
Baytown is a killer ska/reggae jam band from the east coast of Canada ready to bring their sound to good ol' London town! Their groovin' island jams brings to life the history and spirit of living on Canada's East Coast through blending horn-laced dance beats and lush storytelling with a ska-inspired vibe

Celebrating life through Trop-Rock music and the love of travelling the world. Find them chillin' wherever there's a beach, beer, and an ocean.

Spencer Frost Band
Born out of four guys' desire to just jam, the Spencer Frost Band is here to play some damn good music and make you dance! Reggae, funk, ska, bluegrass, rock, and even dubstep! You get it all with this band!