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Limiter - Limiter is a melodic punk rock band from Ontario.

Three guys with years of playing in bands, taking those situations, learning from them and creating the music they love. X members of Radio Delete, Cursed, Left Behind, The Little Splinters, Daily Murders, etc.

The Reckless Heros - Calgary Alberta

Since their formation in 2009, The Reckless Heroes have recorded two full length albums, False Starts & Failed Attempts (2010) and Dark Times (2012), one EP, The Hardest Part (2013), one single, Last Time/Jaded (2011), as well as being featured on three compilations. With each subsequent release improving on and perfecting the band's original sound, it’s no mystery as to why they have progressed through the underground punk scene so quickly making The Reckless Heroes a force to be reckoned with. In addition to their releases, The Reckless Heroes have toured Canada from coast to coast.
As the sole song writer, Kevin Towill writes primarily about personal issues dealing with the darker aspect of life, while drummer Nolan Semenoff and bassist Danny Daigle provide an extremely tight and heavy rhythm section allowing lead guitarist Chris Saunders to work off the rhythm to provide mind blowing riffs and solos with a heavy metal styling, as well as adding occasional backing or co-lead vocals. The end result is a unique brand of emotionally-driven high energy alternative punk music with a touch of metal influence that is sure to leave you banging your head and screaming for more!

The New Outcasts - London, ON
4 dudes from London playing well written punk songs about meaningful shit...but damn their logo *shakes fist*