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Mr. & Miss London Pride Festival
Past, Present & Future
Miss London Pride Festival originated and was created by Mr. Eugene Dustin, President of London Pride Festival. In 2004 he appointed the first Miss London Pride Festival to Miss Kirstyn Glace, that year in return because of all his help with her year she appointed him Mr. London Pride Festival. The title over the years has grown to what it is today due to the hard work of the titleholders, the Community of London and other cities in Ontario. It was because of the help and hard work of London’s surrounding Communities, that in 2008 we decided to open the competition to all resident’s of Ontario and this year London voted its first elected Miss London Pride Festival. 2009 would see the election of the first out of town Miss London Pride Festival, from Kitchener. She has done our city and her city very proud.
Past Mr. & Miss London Pride Festival
Miss Kirstyn Glace & Mr. Eugene Dustin 2004-05
Miss Shevonce & Unknown 2005-06
Miss Cherylin 2006-07
Miss Kirstyn Glace 2007-08
Miss Leigha Divine 2008-09
Miss Madison Hart Divine-Glace 2009-10
The purpose of Mr. & Miss London Pride Festival is to raise money for Pride London Festival and a variety of charities. To be a Goodwill ambassador for Pride London Festival and London’s LGBTS2Q community, and to welcome one and all to the city in which we Love. Each year we also hold the Miss London Sex Kitten Pageant, a pageant created by Miss Kirstyn Glace as a fundraiser for London Pride Festival, to assist in the fundraising efforts of Mr. & Miss London Pride Festival.
We are now in our 7th year and it seems to be getting bigger every year, although in 2005 we saw a lack of interest in the Mr. London Pride Festival title, we are proud to announce the return of Mr. London Pride Festival title. We are trying a few new things this year, the second of which is that, we will be holding the pageant at the very beginning of London Pride week events on July 18th, 2010 @ Lavish Night Club. We would like to thank Eddie for allowing us to hold our pageant in a new venue this year and we look forward to working with him for years to come. We are also proud to announce the Mr. & Miss London Pride Festival show center stage on the main stage at Pride Saturday July 24, 2010 @ 8 pm so those that cant make it the weekend before will get to see all the glitz and glamour of the crowning of our new Mr.& Miss London Pride Festival.
On behalf of the current and past titles holder we look forward to seeing you all at this year’s pageant, and we hope that you are excited, as we are to meet the newly crowned Mr. & Miss London Pride Festival. We would also like to wish everyone a very Safe & Happy Pride, welcome to London the Forest City!

In Service to the Community,
Miss Kirstyn Glace & Miss Leigha Divine
Owners of Mr.& Miss London Pride Festival Pageant