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O.M (Australian Triphop), Davey Brat of Brat Attack (Newfoundland), The Biddulph Peace Society (London, ON)

OM - Australia/B.C - OM is a dynamic musical collective fusing elements of hip hop, soul, electronica, and world instruments to create a mesmerizing and groove-heavy sound. Their extensive world travels serve as inspiration for their socially, environmentally, and spiritually conscious message, conveyed through soul stirring lyrics and rich soundscapes.
Rolling earthy rhythms cast forth from Orion Miller’s didgeridoos merge with the dirty dubby bass lines of Marina Miller’s synths, and are held together by Connor Johnston’s drum beats from deep inside the pocket. With hip hop verses to empower the people, bold harmonies, and creative use of dual loop pedals, OM sounds more like a trip-hop orchestra than a three piece band. Their electro-influenced beat box grooves, shredding keyboards, crunchy guitar, fretless and funky basses inspire dance moves as soon as the bass drops.

Davey Brat - Newfoundland - 

The Biddulph Peace Society - London, ON